The energy of thought can take you any where you want to go. You see, there is a law of energy, called the Law of Attraction. Have you ever had the experience of thinking of a friend and suddenly they call you? Have you ever wondered why that is? Our thoughts are magnetic. We attract what we think about. People who have victim mentalities and always think that everyone and everything is out to get them will often be a victim. Our thoughts are like tiny seeds and we have to reap what we sow. When we focus our energy and our thoughts on something; those things will become more abundant in our lives. The energy we put into our thoughts is the energy we receive back in our own lives.

Hopefully you’ve found your vision. And you’re ready to focus on your goals. Now let’s talk about your energy. I want you to start thinking about all of the things that you DO want and put away all of your complaints and negativity. It may not be easy to be positive right now, if you’re not where you want to be. If you keep doing what you’ve always done you’re going to continue to have what you’ve always had. Starting today I want you to stop thinking about what you don’t want and start focusing on what you do want. I also want you to focus on maintaining positive energy. I always tell my children, “we can’t control some of the events or people in our lives, we can only control how we react to them.” Our reaction and perception of life can determine the outcome.

You have your vision, but not everyone is going to see your vision from your perspective. My friend, Mallory Garshnick, whom I interviewed for my podcast this week, is one of the top leaders in the country for a multi-level-marketing company. As I’m sure you can imagine, not everyone can see the value in what she does. Mallory doesn’t let that stop her as she explained to me, she has coached other women in their business to help them see their dreams through. She has helped women leave abusive relationships, she has helped them retire from their careers so they can be with their families, and brought many other valuable blessings into people’s lives through her vision of building and growing her own direct sales company. Positive energy and positive people build positive results.

Negativity will drain you and leave you feeling pretty crummy. Positive energy comes in many forms. I don’t mean the bubbly over the top positivity either, I mean the positivity that lights your soul on fire for change. Positive energy that can fuel you to stay focused and continue to pursue your vision even when you’ve hit a road block or speed bump. The kind of positive energy that you need to inspire and lead others will come in many forms, not only joy and happiness. Positive energy can come in the form of trust or faith; spiritual or otherwise. You can lead others with enthusiasm, or a sense of purpose. Whatever traits you choose to fuel your ride make sure they are positive, otherwise you’ll end up where you don’t want to go. The next time you’re feeling stuck, think about your trials and tribulations as blessings instead of annoyance. Think about how lucky you are to be healthy enough to get out of bed every day and after you’ve fueled your ride, start sharing your joy and filling other’s cups.

If you’re ready to stop complaining and start creating the life of your dreams start with joy and the world is yours!

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  1. My faith has helped me to become more positive and peaceful. There are things that happen in your life you that you simply can’t control or change. Those are the things you hand over to God and let go of the worry or hurt.

  2. Really have enjoyed reading your blog and listening to your pod cast, you have en excelent way of looking at life and will look forword to reading and listening to more of your poscast. Thanks for you info.

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