Empowerment Coach

From personal to professional growth, I want to help you overcome your struggles so you can create the successful future you’ve been dreaming of. As a coach, I work with women who are focused on their business or career but feel like they are constantly left spinning their wheels and struggling to slow down. Women who are overworking themselves but not really getting ahead in the way they would like to and getting little enjoyment from their work. Women who want a deeper connection with themselves, their family, and to deepen their spiritual practice. Book your free discovery call today to find out if these services could help you.

Motivational Speaker

Kay is on a mission to help others take their power back and start living lives that they love. As a result of a cancer diagnosis, Kay realized that she had been stuck in a cycle of overwhelm, burnout, and “busy”. Cancer was the wake up call that she needed. After taking 2 years and making many changes, she is finally peacefully content and living the life of her dreams.  As a mindset and empowerment coach, Kay helps others to do the same; without having to face the same trials she did. Through her podcast, coaching, and as a motivational speaker, she helps others slay their goals. Her system helps to get clarity and to clear the blocks that are keep us stuck. Most importantly, she helps them to get their time and energy back so they can be more present for the things that matter most.

As a speaker, Kay has presented topics on:

  • Clarity
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • The Power of Connection and Collaboration Over Competition
  • Boundaries
  • Mindset
  • The Power of Positivity

Kay has experience speaking in large groups and small intimate gatherings. She has provided virtual and live training for direct sales teams, churches, and various women’s groups.

Free Discovery Call

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It’s time to transform your life, and Kay is here to give you the tools you need to take you to the next level of success. The discovery call is a conversation to discuss goals that are in alignment of your vision. Schedule your free discovery call with me today and get ready to grow!