A podcast for empowering people to find the positive in their life by training and mentoring you to break through barriers, find your strength, and establish resilience.

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Your host:

My name is Kay Koch. I am a busy working mom and cancer survivor. My 3 beautiful babies are quickly growing into tiny humans. Therefore developing their own opinions and personalities. In addition, my favorite hobbies include; Running, horseback riding, and being outdoors. As well as, spending time with my friends, family and amazing support system.

Because personal growth and development are a huge part of my healing journey, I spend much time reading and learning; including growing in my faith and spirituality.
I have always identified as a “strong” person with an ingrained desire to help others. Nonetheless, it took me a long time to find my path and my voice. Additionally, I spend hours, days, and weeks pouring myself into books, blogs, and communities that focus on personal growth and development. As a result, I started to see real progress in my own life and career.

Because of the amount of time and research that I spend on a daily/weekly basis pouring into mindset and empowerment material, the idea of a podcast was born. Above all, I am helping others to find their voice and to become leaders in their families, careers, and communities.

I plan to share ideas and tips, that I have found valuable, on my social media. On the Beautifully Rooted Podcast I will dig into these ideas a little deeper and really dissect the information, to help teach you how to apply it to your life.
If you are feeling stuck on your goals, tired, or overwhelmed and you’re ready to take your power back you came to the right place! I’m super excited to link arms with you and help you to reach your full potential!